Good-bye Card Table

I met Stephan Murray with the Community Housing Partnership of Williamson County earlier this year and realized that they are exactly the kind or organization we should work with. We met and discussed candidate families and decided on a couple in Fairview, TN. The partnership had just finished renovation the house they lived in where they are raising their 2 teenage granddaughters. The card table in the kitchen wasn’t big enough for the girls to do home work at the same time and forget about having a family dinner there.

We measured the room and designed a table to fit the space, and the families needs. From staffing and supplies, to rescheduling the initial build date, this entire project was a challenge. However, challenges are meant to be met head-on and overcome. We raised enough to buy supplies, had some donated, and despite low turn out for the September build, we delivered the table the first week of November.

The family expresses the deepest thanks to everyone who helped out.

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Here is a story that was featured on the local news that was shot at this build.